I know i know, this blog fell off for a bit due to a hectic past few months.  I’ve been pretty busy with juggling school, work, and traveling between Europe and the Americas.  I figured it’s about time I at least update a dispatch from my current status here at a surf village in Guatemala.


Over the past couple months, I’ve focused a lot on our natural decision making process on the professional and personal life.  Traveling, learning languages and cultures, and encountering stressful situations on the road enabled this thought process.  It’s amazing how much we can learn about ourselves while consistently on the move.  Some of the minor stress allows us to re-assess our current situation and orient ourselves to do better.  I’m not promoting that we intentionally put ourselves in stressful situation…However we should all appreciate those times when we can’t find a ride, miss a flight, or can’t speak the language in a particular region of the world.  We have to understand the things we don’t know or can’t accomplish will only teach us how to better observe the situation, assess and orient ourselves, plan and decide on the best approach, and execute.  With that being said, the key will always be the continuous cycle of self-evaluation on our state of emotions, physical limitations, mental barriers, and the outcome.

Cheers!  Now time to surf!