The story of how I started traveling is probably way more exciting than the story of why I wanted to blog.  To be honest, I don’t consider this much of a personal blog, but more of an outreach to the traveling/backpacking community.  Everything I learned about traveling came from people like yourselves!  So what better way to express my appreciation than to pass the knowledge??  Essentially this is a way for me to share experiences with other travelers or provide useful tips/information about traveling the world.


On Passport and Carry On, you will find articles about travel destinations, daily dispatches (from the road), gear review, and other useful tips to efficiently travel without spending alot of money!

A little bit about me!  I am in my late 20’s and actually just started traveling few years ago!  Ever since then, I’ve traveled to 51 countries and been on 5 different continents.  Between 2016 and 2018, I was on 74 different flights, spent 500 total hours in 27 terminals, lounges, customs, security, and ticketing counters. Visited at least 20 different airports, and attempted to converse in at least 12 different languages to approximately 1000 people. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of people interact with each other and started to develop a sense of understanding on how people transit from place to place..nothing is more surreal than seeing how people move and communicate.  I am true believer that traveling is the BEST form of education!  Some of my hobbies include long distance running, trekking, learning about Eastern European history, and hanging out at a party hostel in the Balkans hahah.

The stories I share are definitely better over few pints, but i’ll try my best to articulate the events.  If there’s anything you would like to know more about, please feel free to contact me!!